Latest Trend Of Inverted Denims Is Weird In Style And Costs A Bomb

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Latest Trend Of Inverted Denims Is Weird In Style And Costs A Bomb

Fashion trends keep changing with time. From yesteryear’s fashion till date, there has been a major evolution in the fashion world. Before fashion was something which everyone would love but today’s fashion is something way too quirky which many people don’t approve. However, there are many people who love to wear all the latest trends coming into the market and flaunt their love for it.

Sometimes we fail to understand some fashion statements and just don’t understand the vision with which they made those outfits.

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Some fashion statements are too hard for the public to digest and recently one industry that has been pushing the boundaries of this love-hate relationship is the fashion industry.

Let’s be more specific. Guys, I am talking about denim. We’ve witnessed weird distressed bum detail jeans, extreme cut-out jeans and many more which are just too weird. What makes it more worst is that these clothes cost a bomb and it’s practically an attack against mankind.

And now here’s a new commoner in this weird league of clothes is denim bottoms no one asked for which are upside down jeans.

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After looking at these weird pair of jeans and shorts we can just say that anything can happen in today’s world. This style will give you a major headache and you will be like what’s even going on here.

The brainchild of the brand Cie Denim, a pair of this inverted high-rise jeans named Will, retails at almost a whopping Rs. 34,000.

The description company read as follows:

“The will is our original inverted high-rise jean. Features belt loops that wrap around the ankle, back pockets up the calf and a waistband made from the original ankle hem. Every pair is constructed in nyc out of hand selected vintage denim making each pair one of a kind.”

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Can you even guess what the use of such a style is? No, right? Me too.

Cie Denim even has a shorts option of the inverted jean for their customers who love to expose their long legs.

This particular style is called Nancy and retails at a little less than its long-legged cousin. As little as Rs. 26000 to be exact. No, we are not kidding!

So what are views on this? Would you like to buy one? Tell us in comments.

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2018

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