Know all about Prem Prakash who become Munna Bajrangi

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Know all about Prem Prakash who become Munna Bajrangi

We all know that the people belonged to the strange world of criminals have extra powers, plush way of life and the courage to break the regulations. This turned them the major topics who always remained on front pages. There are also a number of Bollywood films which got inspiration from their lives.

From Dawood Ibrahim to Chota Shakeel only hogged the headlines, these gangsters have set up big scandalous realms with their awful approach. The tale of yet another Indian baddie, Munna Bajrangi, is also really terrifying.

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Munna Bajrangi, an Indian political leader, a recognized contract murderer and a gang head reined the state of Uttar Pradesh all through his supremacy. But, the criminal got killed in the district prison situated in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh on July 9, 2018.

This news turned out to be a rage amongst the jail management to the higher administrators in Uttar Pradesh. He got detained by the police officials for the alleged slaughter of BJP MLA Krishananad Rai.

His voyage from a simple lad from Jaunpur, Prem Prakash Singh, to Munna Bajrangi is something that country wants to get acquainted with.

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Prem Prakash Singh’s dad always wished him to become a good human being, but he always wished to be a criminal to rule the country.

At just 17, he did his first offence after which a case got lodged against him. After this, he turned out to be the criminal mastermind.

While he was making attempts to be the head of the mafia world, Munna Bajrangi came to know about Jaunpur’s Dabangg mafia head Gajraj Singh and he began working for him.

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After which, Munna Bajrangi looted and killed a man during the year 1984. During the same time, he killed the BJP political head Ram Chandra Singh and started his fear reign in Purvanchal.

“Later on, Munna Bajrangi became part of the mafia team of political head Mukhtar Ansari with the aim to spread his fear in the district. Apparently, BJP head Krishanand Rai became a strong rival to Mukhtar Ansari. After fearing the supremacy of the political head, Mukhtar Ansari extended the mission to murder Krishanand Rai to Munna Bajrangi. As shortly as he was given the orders, he openly murdered Rai in the daytime in the Gazipur region on November 29, 2005.”

Published by Mamatha on 11 Jul 2018

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