Kasol Was Once A Rejuvenating Spot Has Now Lost Its Essence

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Kasol Was Once A Rejuvenating Spot Has Now Lost Its Essence

Kasol, India’s top travel destination for many was once a spot where you could just cut off from your busy city life and devote some time to its beautiful nature. It was considered a peaceful place where one can just relax amidst the beautiful beauty of nature.

However, it’s sad to say that those days are gone and Kasol has lost its original charm of nature and essence for what it was famous.

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The main USP of Kasol used to be an easy access to solitude but now all we find are huge SUVs packed with loud families stuck in traffic jams just like happening in the cities.

If you’ve visited Kasol for the first time recently then things might be as normal for you as you see in the cities. However, if you have visited this place long ago then you would notice how rapidly it has changed. There were peaceful times then where you could just get some good stuff, go for an evening stroll, eat some baked goodies from the German bakery and not be bothered by anyone.

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But now things have changed and once a peaceful place have now become exactly like a city with lots of crowd and chaos and the whole idea of peace might as well drown itself in the Parvati river.

The same river which was once the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of piping hot tea has now become a place where people just sip bottles of beers and discard it at the banks polluting it.

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If you observe this place before and after then it proves that human beings don’t deserve nice things. This mesmerizing hill station has now become a dump site for tourists.

Well, there’s a serious advice to all the people out there. If you really want to drink till you drop and party, then Kasol is definitely not your spot. Guess, you should hop to Goa!

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The place is known for its beauty and quietness and charm of nature where one can get inner peace has now become a chaotic place.

Published by Mamatha on 10 Jul 2018

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