Certain Tweets That Will Help You Decide Whether You Need To Watch Sanju Or Not 

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Certain Tweets That Will Help You Decide Whether You Need To Watch Sanju Or Not 

The much-awaited biopic of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt has hit the screens on 29th June. The film is doing wonders since then. The film had created a lot of buzz even before its inception and fans were eagerly waiting for the film to release. Right from the first day itself the film is getting a positive response and fans are simply loving it.

Not just the viewers, but the entire film fraternity and the well-wishers of Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor are blown away with the movie and can’t stop gushing about it.

Ranbir Kapoor who plays the titular role has completely nailed it and fans are left awestruck with his acting. Even the other star cast has given a good performance in their respective roles. The film connects with viewers emotionally which is a plus point and that makes it a blockbuster one.

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We are sure the film as well as Ranbir is all set to bag all the prestigious awards this year.

I know, you have read everything positive and good things about the movie Sanju above. You must have definitely planned to watch the film but before that, have a look at these tweets and then decide to book tickets.

  • “What?  The first scene in #Sanju compares Sanjay Dutt with Mahatma Gandhi??  How insane can you get @RajkumarHirani”

The director is being bashed for comparing Sanju Baba with Mahatma Gandhi!

  • “What a fantastic year @vickykaushal09 has had with Raazi and now Sanju! Two different characters and he’s nailed both of them with such ease. He’s a major highlight of #Sanju and deserves every praise the reviews are giving him.”

Vicky Kaushal is known for his terrific acting and he proved it yet again with Sanju.

  • “VICKY KAUSHAL is emerging to be such a bonafide movie star!!! There is nothing this talented actor can’t do!!! He plays the sympathetic friend with such emotional depth!! He made me cry with him….superb!!!! @vickykaushal09 and what a year he is having!!!!! #sanju”

One more fan of Vicky Kaushal who can’t stop gushing about his acting.

  • #Sanju is more of an entertainer and less of a biopic. It is flawed like the character it wishes to whitewash and correct , but it is also immensely funny, empathetic, witty and honest. Like Dutt, you can’t put it in a box.

Some good and some not-so-good stuff about the film.

  • “Sanju tells you superstars are humans too. They can make bad, even horrible decisions — like every other human being on earth and we shouldn’t be quick to judge them.” …”

The film connects emotionally with the viewers which makes it worth watching.

  • “Sanjay Dutt admits sleeping with hundreds of women in the trailer. Not  surprised how Hirani conveniently left out the part where he abuses them too. After all, it’s supposed to glorify a monster. Well done, Bollywood. You have made a masterpiece. #SanjuReview”

It takes guts to open up about our own personal life in front of the world.

So folks, what are your thoughts about watching Sanju? Share it with us in comments.

Published by Mamatha on 02 Jul 2018

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