A Team Of Croatian Firefighters Rushed For Duty In Middle Of Match Will Make You Salute

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A Team Of Croatian Firefighters Rushed For Duty In Middle Of Match Will Make You Salute

FIFA World Cup 2018 fever is on among the die-hard fans of this sport all over the world. Every day, we get to hear something interesting and surprising happening at the match that catches everyone attention.

You definitely realize that yesterday on 11th July Croatia crushed England 2-1 to achieve the World Cup last out of the blue, where they will confront France for the title. While yesterday was a nearby match, Croatia has had two or three them as of now.

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What’s more, one of those games was against Russia, simply a week ago, a match that went to the punishment shootout. In the event that I was a Croatian fan, I would presumably stick myself to the seat until the point when the game was finished. But this doesn’t go with these brave men who are the firefighters from Croatia’s Zagreb Fire Department.

These men were enjoying every bit of the ongoing match which had glued them and the rest of the buffs on their seat. And just in between this intense match they heard that their administrations are required as there is an emergency.

So they just dropped everything at once and rushed to do their job.

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Take a look at the pictures and video and you will see how bravely and with all dedication they handled this emergency situation which is highly commendable.

This is just a reminder of how people tasked with others’ protection give up everything when it comes to doing their job and for that itself, people must be extremely grateful to them.

Vatreni ZG193

Vatreni danas igraju za finale SP. Mi nismo vatreni, ali bavimo se vatrom. Oprezno kod upotrebe baklji i pirotehnike, da i mi (kona─Źno) mozemo gledati vatrene #ZG193

Gepostet von Vatrogasna postrojba Zagreb am Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2018

The firefighters won several accolades for their efforts and people there couldn’t stop thanking them.

Salute to these men who are always there to our rescue!

Published by Mamatha on 12 Jul 2018

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