A Sneak Peek Into World’s Oldest Hotel In Japan Which Is Running Since 705 A.D.

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A Sneak Peek Into World’s Oldest Hotel In Japan Which Is Running Since 705 A.D.

Folks, we are sure at some point while travelling you must have seen or visited some oldest hotels which are still there across the globe. Those hotels maybe just 50 to 60 years old but even that makes you feel so good to see people preserving such an old heritage. People usually think that the oldest hotels in the world are located in Paris, London or Rome. But no that is wrong. Do you know the world’s oldest hotel is in Asia? What’s more interesting is that its birth time will leave your jaws dropped.

As per the Guinness Book of World Records, a hot-spring hotel in Japan named Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is termed as the oldest hotel in the history which has been operating since 705 A.D. The hotel is located in Yamanashi. The inn has been taken care of by all the 52 descendants of Fujiwara Mahito.

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It is simply impossible to believe that the hotel is being operated for around 1300 years. It was built some 300 years before the Vikings came to America and 225 years before the country of England was formed.

However, as per Fortune, people who have stayed in the hotel are not varied. The VIP guests like politicians and Samurai had a privilege to spend time in the hotel located at the foot of the South Japanese Alps.

The hot spring is the major attraction of the Keiunkan remains which has been there from the day it was built.

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The hotel’s famous patrons include Tokugawa Ieyasu, Japan’s first shogun, and Kouken, the 46th emperor.

Atlas Obscura says that the hotel is now well-furnished and has all the modern amenities to suit the needs of the guests. However, the simple, calming design of the spaces and the natural mountains surrounding them make it feel as though it is still 705.

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The world’s second oldest hotel, Hoshi Ryokan, which opened 13 years later, also lies in Japan. Well, we are sure you must be mesmerized seeing the world’s oldest operating hotel. So the next time you visit Japan, these two hotels should definitely be on your bucket list.

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2018

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