A Lady Cop Rescued Locals Who Were Stuck In Waist Deep Waters During Heavy Rains

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A Lady Cop Rescued Locals Who Were Stuck In Waist Deep Waters During Heavy Rains

As torrential rains hit the Mumbai city and like every year the locals faced a lot of issues. The roads almost vanished in deep waters, traffic jams, potholes, which brought the city to almost a halt. However, during these tough times, public servants set an exceptional example by putting their duty first.

One such female is Mumbai cop named Rajni Jabre.

In spite of heavy rains and the rains were submerged in waist-deep waters and the train services were halted, this Mumbai cop did not fail to report to her duty at 8 am, sharp.

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Mumbai’s Parel Hindmata region witnessed many locals who were struggling to wade through knee-deep water, this lady cop decided to help them in every way she could.

Holding an umbrella in one hand, she helped the pedestrians cross the road all filled with water.

Rajni without worry about her safety put her duty on priority and helped the people make their way through water-logged roads. Meanwhile, most of her male colleagues decided to keep a safe distance by giving orders to locals to be careful.

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She told a news portal, “What to do, this is my duty, and I have to help people. I reported for duty at 8 in the morning and have been here since.”

This situation is not new. Mumbaikars face a lot of problems every year due to heavy rains. Either they are stuck in traffic, struggling through their way to potholes or trying to walk in deep waters. Kids and senior citizens face major issues.

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While some people may just say that the cop was just doing her duty but it is important to note that she could have done it without risking her well-being. However, she took extra efforts to help people to help them reach on safer roads while covering them with her umbrella.

Such dedicated officers like Rajni Jabre are the ones who make Mumbaikars feel safe about stepping out of their homes even in the heaviest of rains. Hats off to undaunted heroes!

Published by Mamatha on 11 Jul 2018

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