Woman In Saudi Arabia Seen Happily Driving As The Country Lifts Bans On Female Driving

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Woman In Saudi Arabia Seen Happily Driving As The Country Lifts Bans On Female Driving

Saudi Arabia is one middle-east country which is known for its strict rules and regulations especially when it comes to women. The country as a part of their culture had imposed many bans on women and one of them was that a female was not allowed to drive a car. But now the happy times are here.

The country has now lifted the ban on female driving and this has left all the women in that country jumping with joy.

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Don’t believe us? Let us tell you that a woman just minutes after the country lifted the ban on female driving sat in the car and was all set for a drive.

Expressing her happiness on driving the car for the first time, one of the women said, “It looks way different from the back seat.”

A Saudi woman, who used to drive earlier outside Saudi Arabia, now drove within her native place for the first time after the ban was lifted.

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The woman further said, “My eyes are everywhere. I am not used to this.. I need not ask anyone to take me around. It is very important for us to drive. A lot of us don’t need to drive. I used to drive and do my own things and now I could do it again.”

The lady drove the car to her father’s house and his father was extremely happy to see her driving the car all by herself.

Some of her relatives also expressed their happiness and said, “It feels natural for them to do something (driving) that every other woman is doing in this world.”

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This big ban which was followed for so many years was lifted and the move was ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last September with an aim to reform the country.

Al Jazeera quoted Suad Abu-Dayyeh, Middle East consultant for the Equality Now non-governmental organisation as saying stated, “The fees for having lessons are six times more than men. This is one of the restrictions and this makes women not being able to access driving licenses in a fast way, in addition to the limited driving schools in Saudi Arabia.”

The country is also planning to have special driving schools for women to learn.

Such a great news for all the woman living there in Saudi!

Published by Mamatha on 25 Jun 2018

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