Then And Now! Here’s How The Star Cast Of 90s Popular Show Shaktimaan Looks

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Then And Now! Here’s How The Star Cast Of 90s Popular Show Shaktimaan Looks

90s was the best phase for all the kids as well as the various viewers who would simply binge on TV shows for their past time. Shaktimaan was one of the most popular shows and we are sure every 90s kid still remembers him. They do recollect the times when they used to simply enjoy watching this show.

Not just Shaktimaan but its star cast too gained prominence among the fans. There have been around 13 years when the show went off air after completing more than 500 episodes.

Here’s a list of the leading star cast of Shaktimaan and how they have changed over the years. Their transformation is really amazing. We are sure you won’t even recognize many of them.

  1. KK Goswami as Devil

He has not changed much and pretty looks similar as he used to appear years ago.

image source

  1. Vaishnavi Mahant as Geeta Vishwas 2

She has changed quite a lot and has appeared in several TV shows post this show and id a well-known face on the small screen.

image source

  1. Lalit Parimoo as Dr. Jaikal

The actor still looks pretty same as is seen in many TV shows.

image source

  1. Ashwini Kalsekar as Shalaka

She is one of the famous TV personalities and majorly seen in Ekta Kapoor shows and also films. She hasn’t changed much.

image source

  1. Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan

The show’s lead actor has aged but his popularity hasn’t. Mukesh appeared in many TV shows and movies too.

image source

  1. Nawab Shah as Mayor JJ

Nawab has been quite active onscreen since ages and is seen in TV shows and movies in small roles.

image source

  1. Surendra Pal as Tamraj Kilvish

Surendra is hardly seen in some TV shows but he is still remembered by the die-hard Shaktimaan’s fans.

image source

  1. Kitu Gidwani as Geeta Vishwas 1

Kitu was seen in various TV shows and films and looks equally beautiful as she used to look in those days.

image source

  1. Ram Sethi as Dhamakedar News Editor

He is a well-known film actor and has shared the screen with Bollywood biggies. The actor has aged and is rarely seen onscreen.

image source

  1. Tom Alter as Guru

The actor has done special roles in many shows and films. The actor is no more with us.

image source

So folks, what do you think about the then and now star cast of Shaktimaan? Tell us in comments.

Published by Mamatha on 24 Jun 2018

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