Neeru Randhawa to remove her Tattoo of her Ex Armaan Kohli’s name

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Neeru Randhawa to remove her Tattoo of her Ex Armaan Kohli’s name

A few days back, Armaan Kohli and Neeru Randhawa, had an argument between them and Armaan had even beaten Neeru. He hit her so bad that she got admitted to Kokilaben Ambani hospital. Armaan pushed her girlfriend from the stairs and Neeru had severe head injuries.

Neeru who registered a case against Armaan took her case back and said she wants a written apology from Armaan and in future, he will never have any contact with her.

Now it seems Neeru wants to move on in her life after what happened to her. She plans to remove her Tattoo of Armaan’s name. She said, “That’s the first thing I’m going to do”.

Neeru is doing fine now after returning from the hospital.

While talking to a leading daily Neeru revealed why she withdrew the case against Armaan Kohli who had done very bad to her. She said, “I finished the matter because of 5 reasons and that are:

1) I have got an apology letter from him, which I had demanded.

2) Armaan is paying me the loss of wages which I have incurred by sacrificing work when I was in a relationship with him for 3 years.

3) If Armaan harasses anybody physically and mentally like he did to me, he goes straight to jail without trial- as directed by the Court, today.

4) I will spend most of my time in London now, continuing with the case would have compelled me to travel to and fro very often.

5) Armaan’s parents are very old and their life would have become miserable otherwise”.

Neeru will soon open her own clothing line as she said, “You will hear more of me, but this time, for my work as I want to establish myself in the fashion industry”.

Further adding Neeru said, “I think the whole outcome of the case should be an example for women who are in an abusive relationship that they need to raise their voice and not bother that log kya kahenge.”

Published by Soniya Kaur on 18 Jun 2018

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