Mumbai Man Collected Food Wasted By Passengers On Flight to feed the needy

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Mumbai Man Collected Food Wasted By Passengers On Flight to feed the needy

You don’t always need money to do a noble cause. Your thought process and the feeling of humanity inside you is enough to make you do a good deed. Helping one another is a part of human life but some people tend to stay away even if they can.

Sometimes, we do find some angels who come in the form of God to help the needy ones. Such people might not be rich but their hearts are filled with love and humanity.

The same thing was witnessed in Mumbai’s man who helped the needy and his deed will win your hearts.

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We all tend to sometimes throw the leftover food or sometimes the food which you just don’t like eating or you had it half. But there are some people who don’t even get a morsel. However, we never think about this.

Vishab Mehta, a Facebook user shared a heartwarming account of when he went that extra mile to collect leftover food from passengers on a flight. We know it sounds a bit weird to you but Vishab did it for the sake of humanity. He collected all the leftover food from the flight passengers to feed it to the needy who can’t even afford one-time meal.

He also posted the pic of the same on Facebook.

I’ve been a frequent flyer all my life. I love to travel, be it for business or vacation. But unfortunately only a…

Gepostet von Vishab Mehta am Montag, 18. Juni 2018

Mehta said, “As soon as the crew served the meal I requested them to help me with a bag so I can personally go and collect the uneaten food. The crew was very supportive and suggested me to be seated and that it’s better if they collected it while taking their food-trays back, separating the uneaten food in a bag simultaneously.”

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He further mentioned the quantity of food which would have been in the bin but then with his help filled someone’s stomach.

“Almost 70 burger buns, 50 butter pockets and 30 chocolates were collected and given to me before the flight landed.”

Money can’t buy everything, especially humanity. Vishab Mehta is the perfect example of this.

Published by Mamatha on 25 Jun 2018

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