Meet founders and investors at Disrupt SF 2018 with CrunchMatch

In only a few short months — on September 5-7 — TechCrunch will play host to more than 10,000 members of the tech startup community at Disrupt San Francisco 2018. Our flagship event draws the best and brightest early-stage founders looking to launch, and investors to fund, their companies. Making the right connections in just three program-packed days can be a challenge, which is why we created CrunchMatch, a curated business match-making service that helps connect the founders with investors who share similar business goals.

Here’s how CrunchMatch works.

When founders register for Disrupt SF, they’ll get access to the CrunchMatch platform and provide information about their company — its tech category, funding stage, where it’s located and its current funding status.

When investors register for Disrupt SF, they’ll also get access to the platform to create a profile specifying their investment categories, the funding stage they’re looking for and their preferred geographic locations. CrunchMatch, powered by our partner Brella, uses algorithmic magic to match suitable founders and investors based on the profile information they provide.

The CrunchMatch platform then suggests meetings, and it even sends out the invitations, which you can easily accept or decline as you please. What’s more, you can use CrunchMatch to reserve a meeting space in our CrunchMatch area on the Disrupt show floor. CrunchMatch is the most efficient way to cut through the clutter and get to the people who are most likely to meet your business criteria.

Last year, CrunchMatch produced more than 1,300 meetings. We estimate that number will easily triple at Disrupt SF 2018. Now, big numbers are all well and good, but it’s the results that matter. Is the service helpful? We asked for feedback from both sides of the founder/investor coin.

Michael Kocan, an early-stage investor at Trend Discovery, appreciated the service’s efficiency:

I can quickly schedule a meeting for later that day. I had over 35 meetings with startups that I pre-vetted using CrunchMatch, and I made a significant investment in one.

As an early-stage founder, Luke Heron, CEO of, used the service to schedule a full day’s worth of meetings:

We used the CrunchMatch platform to schedule a bunch of meetings on our second day of the show. We met with six or seven VCs and, by and large, they were very positive meetings.

Stroll through Startup Alley — the heart of Disrupt with more than 1,200 pre-series A startups and sponsors — to see what’s new, but with this match-making tool in your networking arsenal, you’ll save time — and shoe leather — by targeting the right companies or investors for your specific needs.

Disrupt SF 2018 takes place in San Francisco on September 5-7 at Moscone Center West. Don’t miss out on the most efficient way for founders and investors to network and connect. Buy a Founder, Investor, Startup Alley Exhibitor Package or Insider Pass to Disrupt SF and you’ll be invited to fill out a CrunchMatch profile.

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