Masaan Actress Shweta Tripathi’s Mehndi Depicts Her Love Story

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Masaan Actress Shweta Tripathi’s Mehndi Depicts Her Love Story

Masaan actress Shweta Tripathi is all set to tie the knot with her boyfriend and rapper Chaitanya aka Slow Cheeta. The pre-wedding functions have begun and yesterday the Mehndi function was held at Mumbai residence of Chaitanya. It was a small ceremony but was filled with fun and laughter.

Shweta’s mehndi is pretty unique as it depicts their love story. On the left hand, Shweta has a rollercoaster which depicts the time when Chaitanya had asked her out and they started daying. On the right hand, she has an airplane as that is where their love story began.

The actress shared the pictures on her Instagram. Check them out:

image source

image source

Talking about her unique mehndi style, the would-be-bride said, “There are elements from our wedding invite too. There’s a crab as I am Cancerian. There’s a football as it’s his first love, apparently. Then there’s an umbrella, champagne glasses, sunglasses, starfish and bride and groom figurines. I love lotuses, birds and fish, so they are also in my mehendi in abundance, all over!”

Have a closer look at her mehndi:

image source

image source

Recently, Shweta shared her love story and said, “We met because both of us were stepping in for other actors. So, from Bombay (Mumbai), we met in Delhi to perform and hardly spoke throughout. On our way back, we were seated next to each other. It was a 5 a.m. flight, so obviously the plan was to doze off. But we started talking and that was that.”

Chaintanya took to Instagram to share a lovely picture of themselves and wrote, “This cutie is proof that some one up there loves me a lot! Can’t believe I’m getting to marry this ball of happiness! Mr and Mrs Sharma- Coming soon”

Shweta once wrote on Instagram,

“That’s what he said-

It’s been 5 years now, she’s been with me through thick and thin,
As long as she’s by my side I’ll always win.
We met thanks to Akarsh, Adhaar, most importantly thanks to stage,
And so I thought to myself, what better place?
To ask her the question that’ll make sure we live the rest of our lives happily,
Shweta Tripathi ~ WILL YOU MARRY ME?

And I screamed ‘YES!!!’”

We wish the couple a happy future ahead!

Published by Kanika Saini on 28 Jun 2018

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