Get ready for IGTV, Instagram’s new app that’s here to rival YouTube

One of the main barriers of Instagram and its Stories with respect to Google’s video platform is the length of its posts and thus, the nature of them. However, this has now changed with Instagram’s incredibly important new release: IGTV is an official, completely independent Instagram app where content creators can upload vertical videos lasting up to 60 minutes. It’s a platform that embraces the spirit of YouTube, while switching things up with videos exclusively in portrait mode, and frenzied channel surfing of content that practically jumps out of our screens at us.

IGTV presentación

IGTV is a rarity in itself with a totally unclear future. Instagram already lets users upload videos to their timeline, along with the Stories feature, but as it turns out, the content for the new platform don’t have anything to do with the old one. Instead, it’s a completely different platform that plays content in a separate app. Obviously, there’s extreme integration with the features on Instagram, and it’s focusing on attracting its one billion active users.

IGTV canales

The app’s intentions are clear: the instant you open the app, you’ll already see a video playing, along with the fact that while the videos are loading, you’ll see an animation simulating the static “snow” of an old school TV. IGTV wins in terms of speed and random viewing possibilities. By swiping horizontally, you can switch to a different video from a different channel, and if you tap once on the screen, you’ll see the options, while if you slide the screen vertically, you can find the navigation menu.

IGTV opciones

You can subscribe to channels that interest you, although the app will also make constant recommendations according to your viewing history and location. Plus, you can give each video a “like,” comment on any video, or share it with your Instagram contacts via direct message. In order to create your own content, you need to have a verified account, otherwise, you’ll have a 10 minute limit, while monetization takes place.

As for us, we’ve already been sniffing around this new idea from Instagram, and taking full advantage of the format, we will be uploading gameplays of videogames in vertical view for Android. You can access all the videos we upload from our account!

IGTV for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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