Flower vendors indulge in a brutal fight outside Ujjain’s famous ‘Mahakal Temple’

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Flower vendors indulge in a brutal fight outside Ujjain’s famous ‘Mahakal Temple’

Mahakal temple in Ujjain is one of the most famous religious place in the country. This religious spot is in news for no good reason this time. It is very common if any happening occurs on a crowded religious place like stampede. But this time what happened outside the temple is shameful. A video of the flower vendors outside Mahakal temple indulged in a fight is getting viral and showing the management of this religious place.

In the video, not only the two flower vendors but many women and men were hitting each other with sticks. The whole fuss looks so ridiculous. A guy is beating women ruthlessly and pushing them on road.

This has raised a question on the proper management, safety and security facilities of the Mahakal temple. Twitteratti called this very shameful.

A Twitteratti said, “This incident show that how much people of civilized society are insensitive no one come forward to stop this all ara wondering around them and making video some moran are tweeting that this is wwf if this all thing will be happened with them they believe same.”

Some also requested to take strict action the people involved in this fight where a guy brutally hit the women. It also got noticed that no one from the public went to save and stop people from fighting. Instead, they were busy shooting the whole video. Some also commented humorously and took the whole scene as fun. Take a look at how Twitteratti made fun of it-

The fight was also being compared to the WWF fighters

Some also called it as more entertaining than the WWE matches and said who tries these moves in real life?

What’s your call on such incidences taking place at a devotional place? Keep commenting…

Published by Nidhi Patidar on 20 Jun 2018

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