8 Major and Beautiful Dams of India

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8 Major and Beautiful Dams of India

After freedom, India has showcased lots of development in dams and rivers. At the moment, the country is one of the globe’s most creative dam-builders.

Check out the list of some major dams of India –

1- Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

The third largest dam in the country Cheruthoni Dam is situated on the brink of Idukki arch dam.

Altitude: 450 feet

Stretch: 2300 feet

Category: Concrete Gravity Dam

River: Cheruthoni River

Site: Kerala

Installed volume: 32 megawatt

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2- Indira Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Indira sagar dam is constructed on the Narmada river. It is situated in Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh. This dam boasts of the largest basin in India.

Altitude: 92 m

Dimension: 653 m

Category: Concrete Gravity Dam

River: Narmada River

Place: Madhya Pradesh

Installed capacitance: 1,000 MW

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3- Krishnarajasagar Dam, Karnataka

Krishnarajasagar dam is constructed crosswise Kaveri River nearby Mysore in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the main and biggest dam constructed in South India.

Altitude: 125 feet

Dimension: 3.5km

Category: Masonry Dam

River: Kaveri River

Site: Karnataka

Installed capacitance: 200 MW

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4- Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

Mettur Dam is constructed crosswise Kaveri River at Salem region in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one the major as well as the oldest dam constructed in the country.

Altitude: 120 ft.

Dimension: 1700 meters

Category: Concrete Dam

River: Kaveri River

Site: Tamil Nadu

Installed capacitance: 32 MW

image source

5- Bisalpur Dam, Rajasthan

The largest dam of Rajasthan-Bisalpur is situated in Tonk region of Rajasthan.

Altitude: 130 ft.

Dimension: 1883 ft

Category: Gravity Dam

River: Banas River

Site: Rajasthan

Installed capacitance: 172 MW

image source

6- Koyna Dam, Maharashtra

Koyna Dam is constructed crosswise river koyana in the state of Maharashtra. This largest dams in the state of Maharashtra is situated at western ghats.

Altitude: 339 ft.

Dimension: 2,648 ft

Kind: Rubble-Concrete dam

River: Koyna River

Site: Maharashtra

Installed capacitance: 1,920 MW

image source

7- Maithon Dam, Jharkhand

Maithon Dam is constructed on the river of Barakar located at Maithon. This is one of the most popular dams in the state of Jharkhand that is specially constructed for flood regulation and produces high electric power.

Altitude: 165 ft

Dimension: 15,712 ft

Category: Concrete cum Earthen dam

River: Barakar River

Site: Jharkhand

Installed capacitance: 60 MW

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8- Rihand Dam, Uttar Pradesh

This dam has been constructed crosswise Rihand River a branch of Sone river, close to Pipri in the Sonbhadra region of Uttar Pradesh.

Altitude: 299 ft

Dimension: 3064 ft

Category: Concrete Gravity dam

River: Rihand River

Site: Uttar Pradesh

Installed capacitance: 300 MW

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Published by Mamatha on 26 Jun 2018

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