5 Things Women Are Told When They Date Younger Men

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5 Things Women Are Told When They Date Younger Men

Things have really changed a lot in recent times. Especially, if we talk about girl and boy dating, things are not same as they were before. Earlier, there were certain rules girls had to follow before they fell in love with a boy. For example, they girl needs to be pretty, she needs to be young than the boy, her height needs to be small then her partner or else the jodi doesn’t match, also she should be slim and trim than him etc. There were many other factors which played a huge role. But now, times have really changed. Nowadays, neither girl, nor a boy thinks much before dating irrespective of the above factors because for them it’s all about love.

But in the world, there are a lot of judgmental people who tend to behave in the same clich├ęd manner questioning girls especially who are dating men younger than her.

Here are few things which are commonly asked to these women:

  1. You will die before him

Since there is an age gap between them being the girl elder then her partner, people usually tend to taunt them with this dialogue. However, there seems no logic, as people can die at any age.

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  1. Your man will cheat on you one day

Just because he is young enough to find a young and beautiful girl, he can definitely cheat on you one day. RIP logic!

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  1. Date someone your age

Such a sick mentality! They keep advising the girl to date someone of the same age as it may last forever. Dating a guy younger than her can end relationship soon due to various reasons.

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  1. You look like his mother or he looks like your son

Obviously, the gap will be evident as one looks younger and the other elder. So people often tend to keep telling you that he looks like your son or you look like his mother. The most boring dialogue heard all the times.

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  1. Does he earn enough or has a decent bank balance?

Dating a young guy means he is not settled or has no money to take care of the women older he loves. How does that this logic work? A guy dating older women can be a successful one with a great job and a good amount of bank balance to take care of his ladylove.

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There are various other things which such women get to hear from people is that the guy is simply having fun, they call her a Cougars, women who prey on young and innocent men, they ask her to get married, tell them that their relationship has no future, ask her to maintain her figure or else she will look even older in front of him.

Published by Mamatha on 23 Jun 2018

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