4 Strange Islands from all over the globe reigned by lovable animals

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4 Strange Islands from all over the globe reigned by lovable animals

The segregation of the bionetworks of islands can sometimes result in strange outcomes, and this piece of writing is about some such odd and bizarre islands detected around the globe that are reigned by animals.

Here is a list of 4 strange islands from all over the globe, which are reigned by lovable animals.

1- Miyajima or Deer Island, Japan

Deer are normally fearful animals who keep themselves away from human beings. But when we talk about Miyajima or Deer Island, a small land mass in Japan, the deers are living happily with human beings, even caressing them. As per Japanese beliefs, deer are respected as envoys of Deity and slaughtering them means death for hunters. Though the penalty for murdering deer is at the present not that strict and deer no longer relish the identical divine position as formerly, it is still a vital animal for Japanese.

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2- Aoshima or Cat Island, Japan

Aoshima has become the major attraction as well as the most popular islands in the country. The cute island is reined by cats. As per a report in 2018, there are around 130 cats and 13 human beings on the land mass that entails there are around 10 cats on the 1.6 km stretched land mass for each person. Tashirojima is an additional most far-famed cat island in the country with 100 people and 600 cats residing in the region of 3.14 sq km.

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3- Ōkunoshima or Rabbit Island, Japan

Ōkunoshima in Japan which is also known as ‘Rabbit Island’ boasts of around 1000 rabbits. These cute rabbits are the successors of eight rabbits, which got released during 1971 by school kids. Because of the prohibition on shooting and restriction of cats and dogs on the land mass, there was nothing to halt their population. But these rabbits were not the first ones, which occupied the land mass.

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4- Big Major Cay or Pig Island, Bahamas

Pig Island is amongst the 360 land masses of the Exuma region of Bahamas and is occupied by pigs. There are diverse tales on how the pigs reached here. The main tale is that a few seafarers had dropped the pigs on Big Major Cay with the intention that they could enjoy them when they would return. However, the seamen never went back and the pigs started living there.

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Published by Mamatha on 25 Jun 2018

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