4 Bollywood Biggies Who Demanded A Huge Paycheck To Perform At Awards

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4 Bollywood Biggies Who Demanded A Huge Paycheck To Perform At Awards

Awards functions have always been a star-studded one. We get to see all the stars in one roof who are dressed in the best designer wear looking all glamorous. Award functions have been a major highlight for the buffs as well as for the stars as they will be receiving honours for their outstanding performances in the movies.

Well, not this, we also get to see celebs grooving on their peppy tracks from their films and entertaining one and all.

But do you know that these celebrities get paid for a huge paycheck for their few minutes’ performances. They set the stage on fire with their thumkas and also set the audiences as well as their co-stars and friends grooving.

So here are top 4 Bollywood biggies who charged a huge amount for their performance in the award shows.

  1. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer is the current hot sensation of Bollywood. The star has raised the bar for himself as well as his contemporaries with the choice of his films in the recent years. Ranveer is always high on energy, be it in his films or in real life. We have also seen him grooving in award shows leaving everyone stunned with his high energy performance. The handsome hunk gets a whopping 2 crore for every stage performance.

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  1. Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood beauty is one of the top actresses currently and is ruling hearts with her choice of films. Deepika is not just getting a big paycheck for her films but also for her performance during award shows. The leggy lass charges a Rs 1.33 crore for a 4-minute performance during an award show. Whoa, now that’s a big amount!

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  1. Hrithik Roshan

The Greek God of Bollywood sets millions of hearts racing with his handsomeness. Hrithik is one of the best dancers of Bollywood and has shown his skills in his movies as well as during award shows. The actor has given some high-on-energy performance during award shows. The actor gets a whopping Rs 3.5 crore for performing on stage during a Bollywood awards show.

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  1. Salman Khan

He is the superstar of Bollywood and his films have always taken the box-office by storm. Salman knows how to rule everywhere he goes with his presence and award shows are one of the few occasions where the actor shows his terrific dance moves. We all know Salman charges a bomb for his films but he also gets paid a big amount for performing in the award shows. The 52-year-old actor charges a hefty fee of Rs 5 crores for a single performance.

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These were top 4 stars who get a hefty amount for their performance during the award shows but there are many other stars who charge a bomb for performing at such occasions.

Published by Mamatha on 18 Jun 2018

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