Tips for Android Developers to Succeed in Google Play Store

Everybody in the market is looking for an app with desired success and avoid failure at any cost. Therefore, the web is full of advice and tips to achieve mobile app success, and Android app category is no exception at all.

However, Google Play Store is officially releasing and updating various guidelines to achieve app success quickly and legitimately that runs for long. If Android developers follow those design and development guidelines during the development, deployment, and marketing phases of app lifecycle, it may ease the life and prove cost-effective.

Therefore, I have discussed some useful outlines for app success in Google Play store in following ways.

Best Practices to Develop Android Apps

It consists of some decent tips, such as:

  • Focusing on UX for Different Form Factors
  • Material Design an Excellent Concept
    • Design Principles
    • Best Practices for System UI Components
    • UI Elements and Patterns

Best Practices to Deploy Your Android App on Play Store

After development, you have to submit an app to Play Store and publish it once you get approval. For successful deployment, some good hints are available, such as:

  • Distribution Tips
  • Testing Tips
  • Tips to create a compelling list

Best Practices to Bring Engagement in Your Android App

After public release, some app engagement tactics are essential to bring and keep users on your app. In due course, good tips are:

  • Encourage Repeat Usage of App
  • Integrate Features for More Engagement
  • Interact with Targeted Audience
  • Bring Engagement Across Devices

Best Practices to Grow Your Android App & Expand Business

If you want to grow further in the market and expand your reach, following tips are best ways:

  • Bring more traffic to your listing in Play Store
  • Understand the needs of your targeted audience
  • Respond to user feedbacks

Best Practices to Monetize Your Android App

First, create right monetization strategy by leveraging Play Billing, Android Pay, and AdMob ads. The second is increasing number of users who are paying.

If you wish to know more details, I would like to refer my recent blog on the same “Tips for Android Developers to Secure App Success on Google Play” to get details and come in contact with Android app development team at SysBunny.

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