Indore ranks number one in the state for domestic violence against both men and women

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Indore ranks number one in the state for domestic violence against both men and women

As women often become a victim of domestic violence the state level control room has observed an increase in complaints from men too against their wives for the same reason. The emergency service “dial 100” has reported that Indore has a maximum number of complaints regarding husband beating events. On the second position is the capital of the state itself that is Bhopal. Many complaints have been registered by the poor husbands being beaten up by their wives.So the “belan” is now actually used for multitasking.

It was also found that approximately 13 husbands are beaten by their wives every month in Bhopal. Between January to April 52 husbands were injured in some of the other way by their spouses in Bhopal according to the complaints registered in dial 100 service. Whereas Indore is at the top on this list with 74 complaints on husband beating events. Every day about 25,000 calls come on the control room among which only 5,000 are genuine complaints rest are fake calls.

In December the beating husband event and beating wife event were separated into a new category other than domestic violence.It was observed that between January 2018 to April 2018 about 722 men complained about being beaten up by their wives on the dial 100 serviceWives are becoming threat for their husbands unlike the days when she was considered a “abla naari”.

Not only in the husband beating cases but also in the women beating events Indore is on number one position in the state which is followed by Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior.

Between January 2018 to April 2018 out of 22,000 complaints  2,115 were from Indore and 1,546 were from Bhopal. Most of the complaints on “dial 100” service are based on domestic violence,dowry,family disputes and substance abuse .The “dial 100” emergency service was started to provide early relief to the victims before visiting the police station for filing an FIR. Although in-spite of the fake calls it has been noticed that approximately 28,000 women have taken the help of police via the dial 100 service which is a good news for the state administration.

Published by Nidhi Patidar on 05 May 2018

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