Hear Liad Itzhak from Here and Oren Shoval of Via tackle autonomy and mobility as a service in Tel Aviv

As technology transforms transportation, one of the key questions for the industry is how to address the evolution of mobility from a product to a service.

Liad Itzhak, HERE Technologies

The industry is moving away from one where automakers are selling cars, to a focus on selling transportation as a service — and the development of autonomous vehicles is the engine driving this change.

At our Tel Aviv event hear from Liad Itzhak, the leader of the mobility business unit at HERE Technologies and Oren Shoval the co-founder and chief technology officer of the on-demand transit network developer, Via, on how these two companies are helping guide the industry through this transition.

Itzhak’s experience with mobility dates back to the early days of Waze, where he helped build the company’s products and services including its data, mapping, and quality assurance technologies.

Oren Shoval, co-founder of VIa

Meanwhile, Shoval spent 10 years in the Israeli Air Force developing and deploying avionic systems for fighter jets before working as a strategy business consultant at McKinsey — a job he left to launch Via.

Fleet management, technology development, and transportation networks will all be on the agenda at our Tel Aviv event, and mobility services will be the glue that ties these technologies together.

In a rapidly changing industry, these two experts are helping to create tomorrow’s industry standards, and folks should buy their tickets today to hear their insights.

Early-bird tickets are available for 265 ILS, and early-stage startups from all verticals are invited to exhibit in Startup Alley for 1700 ILS.

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