Wifes & Girlfriends of Australia Cricketers

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Wifes & Girlfriends of Australia Cricketers

In the wake of the recent ball tampering issue with some of the top cricketers of Australia, this week saw the fall of many top pros. However, it is unfortunate that the names of their wives and girlfriends are unnecessarily dragged into this controversy. Social media is the latest way to troll and shame the famous celebs online. Many of them have a huge following on social media, but the wives and girlfriends were unwittingly targeted by angered fans. Some of them were still in the country of South Africa with young small kids. As the paparazzi followed them as they rushed home, some of them did not see anybody.

Australia Cricket WAGs

Candice Warner: Aged 33, Candice is the wife of David Warner, the former vice- captain. It has been a tough week for them. Cricket fans across the social media has given a tirade of abuse mostly as her husband was in the ‘leadership group’ during the ball tampering incident.

Dani Willis: Steve Smith and his affiance were all set to be married this year. On Instagram, she was on the taking end of all the online abuse the cricket fans have given.

However, Dani is lucky to have several supporters giving her strong support through the statements.

Rebecca Marsh: Aged 28, the wife of Marsh, Shaun and their toddler travel most of the time. They try to get things to work out in the same way. She said that only after getting a baby “you don’t know what it is like” although people say things to prepare you.

Rachel Mcclellan: Usman Khawaja & Rachel Mcclellan were engaged back in the year 2016. The pair has several times shared cute pics in various places on Instagram. It is said Rachel who works in event management & marketing has a following of 18,000 on the Instagram.

Mel Waring: The cricketer Nathan Lyon & Mel Waring had two young incredible daughters and traveled a lot of times together. Late last year the pair broke up after spending nine years together.

These are the women behind some of the top cricketers supporting their partners/ spouses professional sports life. They travel with them most of the time to show the support. Some even travel having one or even more than one young kid. It is unlikely that the wifes and girlfriends are unnecessarily the target on social media by angry cricket fans.

Published by Mamatha on 01 Apr 2018

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