Top Innovative Companies that Help Mom Sleep at Night

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  As we know, moms wear multiple hats, not just taking on the task of taking care of the smallest members of the family.  They are often going around the clock. To keep going, moms need a good night’s sleep. That way, they can recharge their batteries and take it all on again the next day.

However, life doesn’t always give them that good night of sleep. That’s where technology has been able to step in and help. Some of today’s most innovative connected companies have developed solutions that give all those moms out there a few more Zs.

Snoo Bassinet


Exhaustion is mom’s number one stressor.  Sleeping like your baby? Up every hour on the hour? This is not how moms want to sleep.  Snoo is an innovative connected bassinet device that keeps baby safe and comforted. Using white noise, swaddling, and a gentle rocking, baby will be to sleep in no time — and so will Mom.  


We all kid about our refrigerator talking to us.  How about the light switch? All these connected devices are great because it means less work for us. Now, the same goes for the thermostat. After all, once Mom hits the pillow, she should not have to get up again even to turn up the temperature in a particular room.

Ecobee is the upstart competitor to Nest and is emerging as the clear leader.  Now, it’s possible to use the connected device to just heat up just the baby’s room with just one control. With help from Amazon, every mom can go to bed once and stay there until morning.

Naturebox Healthy Snacks

naturebox mom
 Moms make lunch every day for their families. However, there are those days where moms discover not everything goes as planned and there’s not enough time to make a good lunch for your kids. Or, there may fewer healthy ideas. Certainly, there has to be something better than Doritos Chips and Chips Ahoy Cookies.  

Rather than staying up at night worrying about your kids’ nutrition, try Naturebox.  Not only are the snacks featured in these curated food boxes healthier, the selections taste great.  The company offers online ordering to connect moms directly to a very convenient way to create delicious, easy to make lunches each day.

Among the long list of tasks that moms have to handle each day is getting dinner on the table for the family. And, that includes dinner in the dish for the family pet. Also, there is the laundry and cleaning to do. What often happens is that all these tasks end up leading to memory loss about what’s in the pantry and what was long used up. Not to mention the rest of the family who forgot to tell you they finished up those chips.

That’s where Kwik helps moms rest easy. It makes sure you’re never short of laundry detergent, dog food and more.  Plus, moms can skip those last-minute trips to the store. All you do is press the Kwik button and get a text message that confirms the online order that was just made.

Greenlight Card

When was the last time you reached into your wallet to fish out a $5 dollar bill to hand to your tween kid for a stop at the grocery store but you only had a $20?  “Bring me my change back!” As you are saying that, you are also realizing that you’ll never see that change again.

Now upstart Atlanta-based Greenlight solves this problem. Plus, they’ll give your kids a sense of financial responsibility and freedom to put that mind at ease. Your child gets a card with the MasterCard symbol on it as well as their name on it.  It allows you to give your kids spending money without wondering how you’ll get the change back. In fact, you can even specify what store they can spend the money at

Moms start to lose sleep when they realize school breaks are just around the corner. Now, that organized, relatively peaceful day will be filled with kids wandering around the house letting you know they are bored.

That’s where Reso comes to the rescue. This innovative company has curated local day camps, workshops, activities, and groups in local areas to help moms find and book places for their kids to make new friends, get exercise, and learn new things.

Circle Home with Disney

While electronic devices and apps are great for entertaining kids, the problems moms face as the constant monitoring and nagging about not spending too much time on them, especially when homework and chores come first. What if you never had to ask your kid to get off Facebook? Imagine if Netflix or YouTube had a time limit no matter what device your kid was on.

Circle Home pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi. From there, moms can easily manage every device on that network. Using the Circle app means greater control over screen time while avoiding the arguments that cause moms stress.

Skybell Doorbell

Every Tiger Mom wants to make sure their house is safe whether they are home with the kids or have stepped out to run an errand while the teenager of the house is left in charge of their little siblings.

Skybell provides a way to ensure everyone is safe by watching whoever approaches the front door whether they ring the doorbell or not. The Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell has a camera and allows you to talk to the person at the door through a smartphone app even if you are not home at the time. This provides reassurance and dissuades any would-be criminal from seeing your home as an easy target.

igloohome Smart Lock

Now that Mom knows who is at the door she can control who comes and goes. With the new Smart Lock Deadbolt 02 by Igloo Home, granting real-time access to the home for the cleaning crew, babysitter or relative is a simple keystroke away.

With no-wifi needed and blutooth capable, this is one of the smartest, most advanced heavy-duty deadbolt locks on the market.

Pubnub Secure IOT Network and Chat Engine

While all these devices are great, how about installing, keeping them up and running and secure?  Pubnub is the world’s largest real-time network that handles all the details, including communication with devices like Snoo. They make sure your families data is secure from being broadcast over the internet. They even handle the secure chat application so that you can talk to support during the install.

T-mobile Sync-up Drive by

Moms worry, but their worry reaches new heights when any one of their “babies” starts to drive a vehicle. However, more vehicles and carriers like T-Mobile are starting to introduce ways to help lower this anxiety. 

Solutions like Sync-up Drive powered by  tell mom where the family car is at all times.  Whether there is a check engine light or the car is stuck on the side of the road, Mom can be kept in the loop at all times.



Very busy mom needs some good sleep but when they wake up a little help staying motivated (and caffeinated). Making sure everybody gets to school, makes it to soccer, has clean clothes, eats a snack, and gets their homework done can be exhausting.

That’s where solutions like JavaPresse Coffee Company can come in handy. This specialty coffee club focused on fresh-roasted coffee, shipping every box out within two hours of roasting. JavaPresse’s all-natural and organically grown beans can help moms feel better about their contribution to the planet — and a lot better about their energy levels throughout the day. Best of all? No last-minute grocery store stops for coffee with their new monthly coffee delivery program.

When Mom is Happy

When moms get rest, they are happier and don’t focus on the many worries that often come to mind with a lack of sleep. With these 10 innovative connected device solutions, moms everywhere can sleep more soundly, worry less, and feel confident that their children, families, and homes are secure.  

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