Setting a new milestone, Diu becomes first city in India to run function fully on Solar Power

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Setting a new milestone, Diu becomes first city in India to run function fully on Solar Power

After experiencing the worldwide effects of global warming, pollution, and the greenhouse effect, finally, the world is moving one step closer to undo the harm done to mother earth. Realizing the same, Diu has become India’s first city which runs totally on solar energy.  Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy available.

With a short span of three years, Diu completely transformed its power source and has set an example for other cities to look up to. Having a limited land of just 42 square km,  Diu installed the Solar panels on 50 acres of land.

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But what was the inspiration behind this overwhelming change within three years?
The solar power plant generates 13-megawatt electricity. Around 3MW is generated by rooftop solar plants and 10MW by its other solar power plants.

The population of Diu is only 56,000. For water and electricity, the Union territory was solely dependent on the Gujarat government. To overcome this limitation, the administration of the Union territory decided to set up solar power plants in Diu.

Also, a major part of the electricity transmitted was lost in-between owing to the line loss.

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The electric losses in Diu have reduced significantly After the local company started generating power.

Daman and Diu electricity department’s executive engineer Milind Ingle informed that the electricity requirements even during the peak go up to 7 megawatts only. Therefore there is way more production than consumption.

Another plus point to be added to the long list of benefits acquired by Diu is the reduced power bills. The solar plant gave a huge relief to the pockets of local residents as the monthly bills go down by almost 12%.

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This can be explained by the fact that previously, 0-50 unit charge was Rs 1.20 per unit, 50-100 unit charge was Rs 1.50 per unit. But now since electricity is generated from solar power plants in Diu, the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the state of Goa and Union territories removed 0-50 unit slab. Now they have revised the 1-100 unit charge at Rs 1.01 per unit.

There are more benefits to count. Such projects should come up more in our country so as to reduce pollution costs as well contributing our bit to a healthy and safe environment.

Published by Mamatha on 08 Apr 2018

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