Preeti threatens to devastate Kapil after he declared marriage with Ginni: Rajiv Dhingra

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Preeti threatens to devastate Kapil after he declared marriage with Ginni: Rajiv Dhingra

In his latest declaration, Rajiv Dhingra, the director of comedian Kapil Sharma’s home production Firangi has stated that the comedy star’s past managers Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes are accountable for his troubles.

Rajiv Dhingra stated that a lot of things related to Kapil Sharma’s private life have been disclosed ever since the stand-up comedian made a series of offensive tweets and lodged a police complaint against to his ex-lady love Preeti Simoes and a press officer.

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In contrast, Preeti, who got hurt badly over the matter, began giving detailed interviews regarding her connection with Sharma.

Preeti also charged his lady love Ginni Chatrath of not being capable of handling Kapil in this “one year since they broke up.”

Preeti also stated that the comedy ace was getting suicidal thoughts and needed proper assistance.

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“I am hoping it’s not Kapil who has posted these tweets. The Kapil I know is a very intelligent, bright, young and dynamic man. It’s most certainly his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath or maybe some friend, who is using his phone and doing all this. And if this is what Ginni and her one year with Kapil has brought him to, I feel sorry for both of them – Kapil for the choices he has made, and Ginni, because she didn’t know how to handle a Kapil Sharma,” she added.

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Kapil’s best pal Rajiv has a totally different story from Preeti. He added that it is Preeti Simoes who has driven Kapil into a depressive state.

“Kapil and I come from a small town of Punjab, we are not manipulative like these girls. Preeti is responsible for driving Kapil into depression, she harassed me as well and tried to instigate him against me. As soon as she learnt that he was marrying his girlfriend Ginni (Chatrath), she vowed to destroy him and turn his friends against him. All the controversies in Kapil’s life happened only in the last one year after Preeti vowed to destroy him.”

Rajiv added that Preeti also warned to annihilate Kapil and his profession.

“We friends have been trying to help Kapil stay positive. Not only is he unwell, even his mother isn’t keeping well and we are afraid he will harm himself. Preeti forced herself into the show and into his life. He is an emotional man, she is misusing his weakness. She threatened me saying Kapil and I are not from Mumbai and she will get us thrown out of the industry. Now, Kapil feels he has lost everything he earned over the years,” he said.

Published by Mamatha on 11 Apr 2018

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