On Heath Ledger’s 36th birth anniversary, let’s remember him for his work and what a masterpiece he was

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On Heath Ledger’s 36th birth anniversary, let’s remember him for his work and what a masterpiece he was

April 4th will always remind us of Heath Ledger and his birthday who was an Australian based actor who would have turned 36 years old today. He rose very swiftly in his short career. He was 28-years-old when he left us and the already famous actor’s shelf was filled with trophies and awards. He has worked both in TV and also in movies. He also directed and produced music videos and was an aspiring director. He tried his hands on all the existing fields. He died because of accidental intoxication from the prescription of drugs.

On his 36th birthday, here is why Heath Ledger is remembered for;

He had a perfect smile: Heath Ledger had the most beautiful smile. His smile was very much loved by his fans and especially the female fans. He played both tough guy and also a villain. The first thing that always caught our attention was his big bright cheesy face and that fantastic smile. “A Knight’s Tale”, is a must watch amongst his movies.

He always stole the show: He was always the show stealer. No matter which part of the movie he played he always was a show stealer and great actor. He was the most looked up to the actor. Name any movie of Heath Ledger and you will find him acting wonderfully.

He was fearless: He picked up roles which no actor would think of or dared to. He always delivered the best of his performances in every movie he acted in. Be it anything, he always gave is best. The reason why we remember him is that he was very fearless and picked the most challenging roles.

He was multi-talented: He was not only an actor but also a music director and producer. With a face so handsome and multi-talented, Heath Ledger always wooed his audience. He started with acting in TV and then in movies and then leapt to music videos and was very serious in directing them.

He was just plain cool: Now, everything said above proves the point that he was very, very cool and pretty awesome. He was a delight to watch. No one could take away their eyes from his beautiful face and amazing work. He had the swag and charisma needed.

He wasn’t done: This star has left his audience wondering as to what he would do next if at all he was alive. Heath Ledger always left his audience spellbound and his death came as a shock to everybody and his fans.

On his 36th Birthday, we remember Heath Ledger with his most amazing qualities and artwork.

Published by Mamatha on 03 Apr 2018

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