Meet Arjun: He wants to Summit Mt. Kanchenjunga Without Oxygen!

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Meet Arjun: He wants to Summit Mt. Kanchenjunga Without Oxygen!

Arjun Vaibav is a young and enthusiastic mountaineer successfully climbed the world’s highest mountain peak – Mt. Everest. This young man is the third youngest Indian to achieve the feat. This is an ultimate achievement for several mountain climbers and record setters. But for Arjun, this was only the starting point of his achievements.

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After summiting this tallest peak, he became the youngest ever climber to summit the 4th highest and 8th highest mountain peaks in the world –  Lhotse and the Manaslu. He even wanted to summit the toughest and dangerous mountain called Mt. Makalu known for double of Mt Everest fatality rate. It is known for very steep slopes and sharp edges.

Arjun’s Love Story for Summiting Mountains

He is a person with a goal to achieve his mountaineering summit and nothing can stop him. This is a true love story that will inspire many other aspiring mountaineers.

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In the year 2013, Arjun and team went on their goal. However, at just 150 meters from the dangerous peak, the ropes were exhausted, so they could not go further.

The next year, in 2014, once again this young and enthusiastic mountain climber went to conquer the Mount Makalu peak once again. Unfortunately, one of his fellow mountaineers. passed away. So, they returned.

Again in 2015. the mountain defied him as Nepal was hit with an earthquake so he again had to return without climbing it. Then, after failing three times including losing a friend, escaping the avalanche, and shortage of ropes, it did not stop him from achieving his goal.

On the summit ridge of Makalu @HansWenzl @ArjunVajpai #FerranL…

#MountainDiaries #Makalu Crossing the false summit at 27,700ft. “At 27,700ft your body is under a lot of stress and decision making can get really difficult as your mind is not able to think in such low oxygen levels. Thankfully I had Hans Wenzl and Ferran Latorre with me. It was fantastic having them as a part of the same team. So much experience, so much to learn from them. Back in 2014 I met Ferran on Makalu, we both shared the same dream of reaching the summit this mountain, only difference was that he had been trying to summit this mountain for much longer than me. His first attempt on Makalu was back in 2002 as he attempted the very dangerous West Pillar route on Makalu. Hans on the other hand is one of the strongest climbers I have personally ever seen. Ferran had given him the name ‘The Hansminator’ because he was like a machine performing on the mountain. Little did we know that we would make it together to the summit of this very mountain. On the 23rd of May 2016, early in the morning till around 11.30am we didnt really know weather we would actually make it to the summit or not. And it was somewhere around that time itself that we reached the summit ridge from where the false summit almost had me thinking for it to be the summit. haha Thats when Ferran came over my shoulder and told me that there was still more left to climb. As we went above the false summit, here is a moment from up there. The world is so peaceful at 27,700ft. All you can hear is your own breath, your own heart beat and all you can make of is the all that you can see… the whole wide world! Thousands of feet above the sea level. You feel there is so much more where, just your hands and legs can take you. We need to understand that we as humans have this need to be pressed and pushed out of our comfort zones. In our own relative ways. But its an important part of our evolution process. Our understanding towards nature has to grow! Ferran leading the way with his amazing experience backing him up. Hans after that and I ended up following them. As we crossed the false summit and before realising where we had actually reached now, I was mystified to be where I ended up to be on this ridge which seems to never end and might lead the three of us to the top of the fifth highest mountain in this world. Less than 100ft from the, my eyes go over towards the Everest region and I could see some clouds coming in and we are hanging on a knife like ridge trying to make it to the real summit of Mount Makalu…” (To be continued)#MountainMan #MountainLife #ClimbforClimateChange #Makalu2016 #NaamBanateinHainRiskSe Mountain Dew India

Gepostet von Arjun Vajpai am Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

Arjun was also hit with snowstorm and suffered paralysis with pulmonary edema and had least oxygen supply. His left side stopped functioning totally but his spirit to summit the peak did not stop. Finally, in the year 2016, he conquered Mount Cho Oyu & Mount Makalu in the year 2016, in his fourth attempt.

Climbing Mountains After Mountains

He has conquered Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Manaslu, and Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Oyu and ….

There is more after his success with the sixth highest peak in the world popularly called Turquoise Goddess. Arjun and Bhupesh Kumar, his mountaineering partner, climbed a 6,180 meters high peak in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. It is unnamed so this was given the name Mt. Kalam in the honour for Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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