Huawei makes its own app store global

Huawei might be one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world right after Samsung and Apple, but unlike its competitors, it was lacking an in-house globally available app store. This changes now as the Chinese company announced the launch of AppGallery, available for download by all Huawei smartphones. Owners P20 and P20 Pro are lucky enough and already have it pre-installed.

Screenshots from AppGallery
Screenshots from AppGallery
Screenshots from AppGallery
Screenshots from AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery screenshots

AppGallery comes with 5 tabs – Featured, Category, Top, Manager, and the last one being Me where is all the user settings and app preferences.

Since Huawei is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China, a lot of apps in the various categories are aimed at Asian markets like Amap for navigation, WeChat for communication and QQMusic for entertainment. You can also find regular applications like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but you probably have downloaded them from Google Play Store.

Huawei owners should enable third-party app downloads and go to where the app will automatically start downloading. The service can be disabled through its Settings menu in the Me tab or could be completely uninstalled, but all the downloaded apps will stay on the phone.


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