Honor International Modern Combat Versus Championship Event Recap

Recently Honor held an international competition for Modern Combat Versus. The final took place in Paris, where players compete for the prize of €10,000 and four Honor View 10 phones to be split among the four players of the team. These players used the Honor View 10 as the hardware that would be running this game. TK was at the event to capture the action.

The Honor View 10 played a big role in making this whole competition possible. The phone makes for a great gaming device with the 18:9 display which gives you a much wider view for games like Modern Combat Versus.

The Honor View 10 has a 1080 x 2160p display

The screen size comes in at 5.99″. Those with small hands might have some trouble using this one-handed.

The 18:9 aspect ratio means slimmer bezels and more screen space

The View 10 is easily the fastest Honor phone we’ve seen so far. While gaming, you’ll notice shorter load times and better frame rates than on past Honor flagships. Even the camera’s significantly faster, with quick post-processing and shutter lag near-zero.

You’d expect a powerful phone like the View 10 to have a large battery, and you’d be right. It’s powered by a 3,750mAh cell that supports Honor’s Super Charge fast charging technology (22.5W), which means it’s able to charge from 0 to 50 percent in half an hour. Huawei says it’ll last “all day” on a charge, a claim we’ll have to put to the test once we spend more time with this device.

Geekbench Score

3DMark Score

AnTuTu Score

The game suite mode on the View 10 makes Android significantly more game-friendly. By blocking out notifications, locking the nav keys, and boosting performance, you’ll have a better gaming experience.

Check out the Honor View 10 forums to see how other users feel about this awesome gaming phone.

Honor View 10 Forum

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