Google Assistant rolling out to the Google Pixel C

Google has had a lot of success with their “Made by Google” devices. The Pixel phones are almost universally loved, the Chromecast has been a huge success, and Google Home devices are becoming more popular. However, one device hasn’t received the same amount of attention: the Google Pixel C tablet. Google is finally bringing Google Assistant to the device.

The Pixel C has typically received updates several weeks after the other Pixel devices. Google Assistant has taken an unusually long time to arrive on the tablet. Almost every Android device has had this feature for quite some time. Assistant was supposedly pushed to tablets last December, but the Pixel C wasn’t on the list. That finally changes today.

pixel c google assistant

The latest update to the Google app brings Assistant to the Pixel C. Once you have the latest version installed, long-press the home button to set it up. This is obviously the same Assistant from phones, so all the same commands and features will work. We’re not sure why it took so long to bring this feature to the Pixel tablet. Afterall, this is Google’s only tablet right now. Grab the latest APK below to get it on your device.

Download the APK Source: Android Police

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