17 YO boy loses his left leg; still runs marathon! Best example of dedication

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17 YO boy loses his left leg; still runs marathon! Best example of dedication

Like any other day, Deepak, with his friends was on his way to catch the train and reach college. He hopped on to the Ambala-Yamunanagar train to reach his college when an elderly lady requested Deepak to fill up the water bottle for her. While returning back to the train with two water bottles in his hand, Deepak realized that his train started to move and in a rush, he decided to run and catch the train. But being an uneventful morning, Deepak lost his control and fell on the platform and his bag got stuck in the compartments and because of that, he fell on the tracks. And in just a few seconds he could see his life ending on the track. He still doesn’t believe what has happened to him.

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Being in the hospital for a week, he got to know that his left leg was missing below the hip. This came as a shock to Deepak; he was angry and bitter with everyone around. In an interview he said;

“I yelled at doctors to re-attach it and was angry at everyone. For two whole years, I didn’t feel even a pinch of happiness. I didn’t want to walk using the crutches as it reminded me of the beggars on the street.”

He was constantly motivated by his friends and family. And then Deepak decided to resume his studies. But he was still very cautious about his leg.

“Whenever I showed reluctance in going out, my friends pushed me hard. They’d ask me to go out a bring something from the shop or do things that required me to step out with crutches.”

With a lot of encouragement from his friends and family, Deepak got back to life and on a better term now. Major DP Singh, India’s first Bladerunner, came across a video where Deepak was playing cricket with his single leg. This was the turning point in this brave boy’s life.

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“There was a dance competition held in Chandigarh’s Elante mall and I was reluctant to participate. But my mentors of the group persuaded me. When I saw other amputee participants dancing and doing stunts, I felt encouraged and gave it my best. After a training of 15 days, I surprised myself and everyone else with a terrific dance performance.”

This morning, Deepak is a new man, a totally different and confident man.

“I learned to ride a bike, take part in marathons and play a mentor to people who’ve lost all hopes.”

When asked on what is the one thing he learnt in his life he said,

“There’s nothing that can beat a person’s willpower. If you have the will, you can combat the worst of circumstances, no matter what.”

“I used to catch the train from the same track every morning, taking the life of monotony for granted. One morning, an…

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Deepak says, “But a sign from the universe changed everything. I stumbled upon a page on Instagram of a man with a missing limb like mine. He hadn’t let anyone stop him from achieving his dreams. He’d even painted his crutches to make them look savvy. I was so motivated to know that there were others like me out there but they didn’t use their loss as an excuse to stop living. So what was I doing?”

Deepak is a true inspiration for every individual out there who are finding excuses to do work. Remember, we are given this life only ones and let us make the best use as long as we breathe.

Published by Mamatha on 12 Apr 2018

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