Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S scores 97 at DxO Mark, 101 for photos

While Xiaomi is busy announcing it, DxO Mark has already done a comprehensive test of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

It posted an impressive 97 overall score, which places it in fifth on DxO’s Mobile ranking – if you care about such things, and that 97 was accentuated by a photo score of 101.

DxO liked the noise suppression algorithm of the Mi Mix 2S and also praised its impressive phase detection autofocus.

If we’re to compare the Mi Mix 2S score to the Galaxy S9+ (which got an overall 99 score) the Xiaomi flagship received higher scores for color and autofocus. The Samsung phone, however, is a benchmark for zoom camera performance and edges out the Xiaomi on exposure and contrast.

Finally the Mi Mix 2S got a good 88 for video. Footage was commended for the reliable and fast autofocus, “fairly effective” stabilization and good colors.


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