Weird! Doctors In Canada Are Protesting For Being Paid Too Much

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Weird! Doctors In Canada Are Protesting For Being Paid Too Much

In a strange situation in Canada’s Quebec, more than 500 doctors, as well as over 150 medical students are protesting against their pay-rise and the reason will surprise you. They are unhappy with the current working conditions of the nurses and other professionals as well as with the services provided to their patients.

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A group representing Quebec doctors and advocates for public health have signed an online petition demanding a decrease in their pay. “We Quebec doctors who believe in a strong public system, oppose the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations,” the letter says.

They say that they feel offended as they are getting paid this much while the nurses and patients are struggling. The letter which was published on February 25 further reads, “These increases are all the more shocking because our nurses, clerks and other professionals face very difficult working conditions, while our patients live with the lack of access to the required services because of the drastic cuts in recent years and the centralization of power in the Ministry of Health.”

“If our colleagues are happier, if our patients are getting better care, we’ll all be winners, and it’s not an increase in pay that will do that,” Dr Isabelle Leblanc, MQRP president said.

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Quebec Health Minister GaĆ©tan Barrette took notice of the petition and said, “If they (doctors) feel they are overpaid, they can leave the money on the table. I guarantee you I can make good use of it.”

That is extremely generous of the Canadian doctors to think about their colleagues and patients and demand a reduction in their salaries, where everyone in the world is demanding a pay rise instead.

Published by Shruti Kumari on 09 Mar 2018

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