Saif Wanted To Change Taimur’s Name To Faiz But Kareena Refused To Do So

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Saif Wanted To Change Taimur’s Name To Faiz But Kareena Refused To Do So

Karisma and Kareena Kapoor were present at the 2nd Day of India Today Conclave, 2018 to give a session on ‘The Kapoor Clan: Film, Family, and Feminism. They also met Hilary Clinton.

Kareena and Karisma spoke about their lives as actors, the male domination in the industry, the relationship both share and also mentioned Taimur.

According to reports, Taimur’s name was almost going to be changed to Faiz! But Kareena refused to let the public pressure get the better of them – “Saif was ready to change his name to Faiz but I was not going to succumb to public pressure; my son is Taimur, and will grow up to be, like his name, an Iron Man one day.. Kareena Kapoor Khan tells me,” reads his tweet as per reports on a leading daily.

After the conclave, Kareena spoke more about Taimur, “My life is no more my own. My heart no more beats inside me. It beats in this gorgeous-looking boy that I sleep next to every night and everything is in his two tiny hands.”

According to reports, Saif was almost going to change his name to Faiz following the severe backlash but Kareena refused to do it. The issue of his name was that references were taken to Timur, a Mogul emperor who was known to vanquished several Hindus. This reference reportedly spread hatred so much so that Saif was thinking of changing his name but Kareena refused to do so.

Today, Taimur is the most popular star kid on social media and anything related to him goes viral instantly.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 11 Mar 2018

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