Mystery Solved As To Why A Common Man Can’t See A Eunuch’s Funeral

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Mystery Solved As To Why A Common Man Can’t See A Eunuch’s Funeral

Eunuchs or the Hijras in India secretly occupy a dominant position in the society. It is a fact which is socially not acceptable to many in our communities. The Hijras are also called the third gender and their record dates back to 4000 years. Irrespective of being highly unacceptable to the society, Hijras do spend a normal life just like you and me.

Here are some unknown facts about why a common man cannot see the funeral of a eunuch.

Eunuchs live a normal life like us but apart from that we hardly know anything about them. How they are cremated after they die. And many people say that a common man can not watch their funeral. However, no one cares to know about their death procedures. Some say that a funeral ceremony is a sober moment for them which is mostly carried out during the night.

Every eunuch has a guru, who is believed to be blessed with a power of knowing everything about their disciples. Sources say, they even have an ability to foresee their death, which is only true if he originally is born as a eunuch and not undergone the emasculation.

The dying eunuch is believed to have some divine powers, due to which eunuchs would come, seek her blessings and pray for her soul.

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When the other eunuchs come to know about one of their own’s death, they would sit in the corner of a home and immerse themselves in prayer. Eunuchs around her pray for forgiveness so that she is born with a clear gender in next birth.

All the relatives and friends gather together and inform the crematorium authorities. They are requested to keep silent on the death of a eunuch.

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The dead eunuch’s jewellery is removed and the body is bathed and wrapped in fresh white cloths. All the rituals are carried out in the simplest way.

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The dead body is often cremated according to Hindu traditional rites in an open ground and water of Ganga or any other holy water is poured into the mouth of the dead. The senior most of the male blood relative light the body.

On the death of Muslim eunuchs, everyone gathers at the place of deceased and the senior most member of the guru takes the responsibility of performing rituals including positioning of death, where the head faces towards the Kaaba.

Most of the Hijras are financially poor, hence the community gathers money to perform the last rites.

And finally, the mystery behind why a common man can’t see the funeral of a Kinnar is revealed. It is being said that the reason why eunuchs don’t want a common man to see their funeral is that they feel they will be again born as a kinnar in their next birth.

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It is also being said that if the eunuchs come to know that someone is secretly watching their funeral, they can also harm them. But people say that if u ever get to see a eunuch’s funeral, you are the luckiest person.

Published by Minal Gupta on 21 Mar 2018

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