Here’s the truth behind the comment ‘BFF’, whether it will secure your account or not

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Here’s the truth behind the comment ‘BFF’, whether it will secure your account or not

An uncanny chain of trick has been created on the biggest social platform of internet Facebook. It lets you instantly judge your account settings and see if there is an issue in order — or so the hoax demands to do.

If considering this is the most ridiculous, reaction to the ongoing Facebook problem of honesty and the #DeleteFacebook campaign.

It all began with a Facebook status meme, over the last few days, circulating widely across the social network.

In last several days, a meme regarding Facebook status is doing round on the social network.

According to the trick, if you type “BFF” in any comment field on Facebook, it’s way immediately judge your Facebook profile security level whether it is safe or not. After you type “BFF” turns green in colour, then your account is safe and protected.If it does not change to green, then you have to change your account password immediately because it might get hacked.

Unnecessary to say, this entire hoax is bogus. The facebook is full of such comment. The hoax even claimed that the term was invented by the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg himself.

But the reality behind this trick is, last year Facebook introduced a feature called Text Delight, because of which the colour of the text changes.

So it a request if you see BFF comment inform your friend that this is just a trick and it won’t help you protect your account.

Published by Ashish Mishra on 23 Mar 2018

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