Finally Raghu Ram Accepts His Love Relationship With Eijaz Khan’s Ex Lady Love, Natalie Di Lucio

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Finally Raghu Ram Accepts His Love Relationship With Eijaz Khan’s Ex Lady Love, Natalie Di Lucio

At last, Raghu Ram, who shot to fame after Roadies, has made confirmation that he got smitten towards well known Canadian singer, Natalie Di Lucio.

Natalie Di Lucio was Tanu Weds Manu actor Eijaz Khan’s ex-ladylove. Recently, Raghu got separated from his wife Sugandha Garg.

There were hums from the last few months that Raghu and Natalie are dating each other. The pair also launched a special duet number during December last year.

However, none of the two keen lovers made confirmation about their love kinship.

But exactly after a year (March 27), the host-turned-actor has shared an image with Italian–Canadian singer, commemorating one year of love, thus making confirmation that the two are in love.

Raghu shared a special pic and captioned it as, “@nataliediluccio you once told me that you needed to believe in Magic. Well, here’s your proof. You walked into my life a year ago today… and impossibly, everything inside me changed! I feel Love. I feel Happiness. I feel Hope. I feel. Again. All because of you! It has been a beautiful year of Love, Laughter & Adventure. Happy anniversary, baby! Keep believing in Magic. And that Happily Ever After is now. I love you.”

Natalie was in a really serious relationship with Eijaz Khan. Eijaz and Natalie shared a devoted relationship but got separated due to some personal reasons. As per reports, the cause behind their separation was the actor’s depressive disorder.

Eijaz Khan also made a confession about it in 2017, while talking to media people.

He stated, “We were two amazing people at different phases in our lives. The root cause of our relationship falling apart was my psyche. It started going downhill during ‘Laut Aao Trisha’. I played a dark character, who turns bitter after losing his wife and daughter. Somewhere, the lines blurred between real and reel and our relationship suffered. I had to undergo therapy for depression, and it made me realise that I was superimposing my childhood memories to play the part. I also realised that all my issues are deeply rooted in my childhood. I had unresolved issues with my parents after they parted ways. My aunts took turns to look after me. I never had a strong bond with my parents. I was always looking for someone to hold on to, some sort of an anchor.”

Coming back to Natalie, we remain cordial. I never loved anybody like I loved her — like a child, my equal, a friend, travel partner. I don’t think it was right for me to expect Natalie to give her precious time to our relationship. I would have also advised her to focus on her career if I were her family. I am the only person who knows the real Natalie. After she left, I was very disturbed to the point of not wanting to live anymore. I would lock myself up in my room for days on end. As actors, we are emotionally fragile. On top of that, we men are expected to be macho and strong, no matter how broken we are inside.”

Published by Mamatha on 27 Mar 2018

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