7 Effective Tips To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

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7 Effective Tips To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a skill which is very important nowadays as one has to address a number of known and unknown people to express themselves or their ideas. However, a majority of people are afraid to stand and speak even for 5 minutes. naturally, due to fear, their heart starts pumping rapidly, they have swat on hands and face and their legs shake. It is very important to master public speaking in order to secure a good job. Here are some tips.

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1. Know Your Audience

Know about in front of whom you are going to speak. Is it classmates, teachers, colleagues, professionals or bosses? Prepare for your presentation accordingly as your material and speaking will vary on basis of an audience.

2. Practice 

Practice makes a man perfect. Keep on practicing your material in front of a mirror.

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3. Practice With Some Distractions

Call your friends, ask some to be your judges and ask some to distract you a little while speaking. Practice is focused on speaking during distractions.

4. Balance Body-language and Movement

Maintain right body language and move properly. Don’t walk lazily.

5. Read And Understand Your Material

Read your material carefully. Understand it to perfection.

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6. Pause

Don’t keep on talking continuously that people get bored or you start losing breath. Pause for some moment after speaking for a certain time and then resume.

7. Keep Time In Mind

Keep in mind, the time you are allowed for speaking. try not to exceed it.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 07 Mar 2018

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