6 Facts About Tata Motors E-Vision Concept Car Which May Stun You

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6 Facts About Tata Motors E-Vision Concept Car Which May Stun You

Tata Motors is one of the leading car manufacturers in India. The company has also gained fame worldwide for its quality cars. Tata Motors has now surprised everybody with its all-electric E-Vision sedan concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Here are some features of the excellent looking E-Vision sedan concept.

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1. The electric car concept has 4,000 pins on a glass panel in place of the radiator grille and they are so designed that they create the company’s tri-arrow pattern. The same pattern can also be seen at some other places inside the E-Vision concept like on the door sills, seats, door speakers, and even on the glass roof.

2. The E-Vision concept is based on the modular OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) ARC platform. With this concept, Tata has demonstrated that it is possible to electrify this platform, which will feature more cars measuring over 4.3m in length.

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3. The concept car has frameless doors both at the front and the rear which is rare in current luxury cars seen on the roads of India.

4. The front driver seat is electrically powered. Even the front passenger seat of the E-Vision concept is electrically powered.

5. Many may not know that in this concept, there are paddle shifters behind its flat-bottom steering wheel.

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6. The Car Is Expected To Debut In Early 2020 or 2022. The expected price range of the car is 7 to 12 lakhs.

This car will surely bring revolution in the Indian car industry.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 10 Mar 2018

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