6 Celebrity Couples who fought for the Custody of Their Kids

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6 Celebrity Couples who fought for the Custody of Their Kids

Life of Celebrities is not as easy as we think. They too have professional and personal problems. One big problem witnessed in celebrities is the high rate of divorces. And unlike Hrithik-Sussanne, most of the divorces are ugly which often lead to custody cases. Here’s the list of 6 Celebrity Couples who fought for the custody of their kids:

1- Sanjay Kapur and Karisma Kapoor:

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Sanjay Kapur and Karisma Kapoor’s marriage had an ugly ending. After the separation, Sanjay filed a petition in court for both the kids- Kiaan and Samaira. Their fight went public when Sanjay told the media that he was forced to take this step because Karisma did not allow him to meet their children.

After the court’s suggestion, the couple came to an agreement that Karisma would have the custody of kids while Sanjay was provided with the visitation rights.

2- Kamal Hassan and Sarika:

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Kamal Hassan and Sarika were blessed with two beautiful daughters-Shruti and Akshara. The couple had a troubled marriage but decided to stay together till 2004. Later, Sarika found it hard to live a moment more with Kamal because of his alleged relationship with another woman, and she moved out, along with her two daughters. She also filed a petition for the custody of her daughters and she won the case. However, after one of the daughters (Shruti Hassan) grew up, she decided to stay with her father and his live-in partner Gouthami.

3- Leander Paes and Rhea Pillai:

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Tennis Player Leander Peas and Indian Model Rhea Pillai’s relationship too turned sour. In 2014, Leander filed a petition in the court seeking the custody of his child Aiyana. In the petition,  Leander alleged that Rhea is not a good mother and that he is concerned about Aiyana’s well-being and safety.

When Rhea was contacted, she refused to comment on the matter. Ultimately, Rhea won the custody.

Leander and Rhea were never really married but were in a live-in relationship for about 8 years.

4- Raj and Kavita Kundra:

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Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was first married to  Kavita Kundra. They too had an ugly fight for the custody of their child Deleena. Initially, Raj was allowed to visit his daughter during the weekends and on weekdays in Kavita’s presence.

Later on, Raj’s alleged infidelity did not go well with Kavita who then did not want him to have any contact with the child, and she approached the court to revoke his visitation rights. She ultimately won the case and the visitation rights of Raj were revoked.

5- Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma’s parents:

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Sanjay Dutt was earlier married to Richa Sharma. They were blessed with a baby girl, Trishala. Their happy family was destroyed when Sanjay Dutt was accused of being in possession of illegal weapons, after the 1993 Mumbai blasts, and Richa who was suffering from a brain tumour passed away in 1996. The little kid was left all alone. And therefore, Richa’s parents decided to fight for the custody of Trishala to give her a better childhood and upbringing.

Sanjay too fought the case but lost to his wife’s parents. Trishala went on to live with her grandparents in the USA.

6- Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan:

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Hindi Bollywood actress Reena Roy was married to Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. After marriage, the couple settled in Pakistan. They were blessed with a baby girl,  Jannat. After constant troubles in marriage, the couple decided to separate. They had a legal battle for the custody of their daughter. However, after Mohsin got married to another woman, Reena won the custody of her daughter. She brought her to India and re-named her Sanam.

Published by Kanika Saini on 04 Mar 2018

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