27 YO Provides Free Education To Underprivileged Students To Prepare For Boards In Bihar

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27 YO Provides Free Education To Underprivileged Students To Prepare For Boards In Bihar

Bihar is known for its poor education scheme and bad teaching methodologies. Due to which, in 2017, the performance of students in the class 12th examination conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), 30.11 percent students passed in science; 32.13 percent in arts and 73.76 percent in commerce. Kislay Sharma has started an organization to help poor children fight this problem in the state.

Kislay Sharma completed B.Sc and M.Sc in Mathematics from the Patna Science College, Patna. He has been teaching students since 2012 and by now has coached more than 1000 students through program called ‘Jagriti’.

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Jagriti campaign, which was started in the year 2015, gives students coming from the poor background, a complete exemption from paying the fees. “We collect fees only from those who can afford to pay. Other students coming from a poor background, which are about 50-60% of the full strength are exempted from paying the fees”.

In an interview, on being asked what inspired him to start Jagriti, Kislay Sharma said,” I was taking tuitions for students during my college days since 2012. Somewhere down the line I realised that the students coming from a poor background are unable to receive quality education due to the financial constraints, this greatly affects his/her future prospects. This made me take up teaching full-time”

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Kislay teaches mathematics, while his father conducts classes for physics. The classes are conducted in a building owned by a family friend. His classes depend solely on word of mouth publicity. Starting from just 40-50 students, the number has now increased to 150-200.

He also conducts parent-teacher meeting every three months, he says, “We conduct parent-teacher meeting every three months so that the parents know the progress of their wards. We see enthusiastic participation from the parents. We discuss with them about the areas in which their children and improve. Due to this, we have seen substantial improvement in the students’ performance.”

Talking about the challenges he has faced, he said, “Initially when we started “Jagriti”, the number of students coming to us for coaching was very small and the numbers did not increase for quite some time. That period especially required us to be very patient.During that time my father provided me the necessary morale boost and now our efforts are now slowly showing results.”

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When asked about the future plans, Sharma told a leading daily, “In the course of time we intend to provide coaching to students right from standard 8th to 12th.We believe that if a student gets quality education/coaching for five years, it would prove to be very beneficial for his/her future. We also aim to provide banking exam preparation by the end of this year”

Kislay’s work is surely inspiring and will surely contribute to country’s development as any country’s progress depends on how educated the population is. And people can be very well educated through teachers like Kislay.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 03 Mar 2018

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