When veteran star Rishi Kapoor met Dawood Ibrahim and was offered ‘everything’

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When veteran star Rishi Kapoor met Dawood Ibrahim and was offered ‘everything’

Rishi Kapoor’s frank affirmations in his recently rolled out memoirs ‘Khullam Khulla: Uncensored’ is a special treat for his buffs.

Amongst his tales of becoming an adult, meeting the love of his life Neetu and tasting recognition, career and money in Hindi film industry and beyond, the veteran actor’s tales of his meeting with terrible hooligan Dawood Ibrahim are unique.

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The ‘underworld don’, who has been an escapee since the year 1993 is presently in the most wanted record of international law enforcement agency for his massive list of offences. He has given inspiration to a number of Indian crime movies and roles modelled on him, comprising the 2013 movie D-Day’s Goldman that got donned by Rishi Kapoor himself.

Rishi, in his autobiography, mentions about the two times he met the ‘underworld don’. The first was during the year 1988, much before Dawood was escaping from Indian police. The actor was in the city of Dubai with his pal for an “Asha Bhosle-RD Burman night” and don’s regular man witnessed the actor at the airport.

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Dawood’s hired man then got to the actor and gave him a telephone stating, “Dawood sa’ab baat karenge (Dawood sa’ab would like to speak to you).” The don after that called Rishi to his home.

Rishi and his pal were then taken in a “lustrous Rolls Royce” to Dawood’s house.

At his residence, Dawood welcomed Rishi Kapoor and his pal and served them tea and biscuits as he did not consume or serve alcohol. There, Dawood talked about his exploits and added that he had no regrets about them.

Before the actor left the residence, Dawood told him, “If you need anything at all, any money, anything, just feel free to ask me.” But, the actor refused.

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The second time Rishi met the don was also in the same city in 1989.

The actor was buying shoes with wifey Neetu, where Dawood was also present, together with “eight or ten bodyguards” and “a mobile phone in his hand.”

This time too, Dawood offered to buy Rishi something but the actor said no again. Dawood after that gave Rishi his cellular phone number, however, the actor couldn’t in response as there were no cell phones in India during 1989.

Published by Mamatha on 27 Feb 2018

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