What if Bigg Boss takes global stage, here’s the list of 7 famous contestants worldwide

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What if Bigg Boss takes global stage, here’s the list of 7 famous contestants worldwide

One of the most famous and controversial reality shows on Indian television ‘Bigg Boss’ has a good craze on audience mind. People love the fights, politics and controversial actions of the contestants.

The format of the show is so amazing that famous cult director, Anurag Kashyap has decided to come up with a greater version of the show called “World Bigg Boss”. Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is known for controversial films is writing the script for the show.

The members who are selected for the show are most talked individuals worldwide. The best thing about the show is that Salman Khan is replaced by the renowned cricket commentator Siddhu Pajji to host this show on the global platform.

Here’s the list of the 7 personalities who are approached by the show’s producers:

Donald Trump is the first person who got selected for the show because of his aggressive nature. Trump provokes other countries through his tweets but never attacks. This quality is the best quality which is required to get instant hit on the show.

Rajnikanth is not less than a super-hero in India. His entry will give a great publicity to the show. Rajnikant style will be a great entertainer for the audience. Rajnikant has already won the show before entering.

Mia Khalifa is one of the most popular ladies among male. Her presence in the house will create positivity and she can be used to romance with the male contestant. Mia Khalifa’s entry news has created a storm among the teens.

Rahul Gandhi is the most popular politician in our nation. He is very well known for his stand up acts during the election rally. Rahul Gandhi’s presence in the house will be entertaining in a funny manner.

Kim Jong-un is one of the powerful leaders of the world. His twitter rivalry with Donald Trump is very popular. This Jodi of Trump and Kim Jong-Un will give a lot of masala to the audience.

Snoop Dogg is very well known musician from the USA. His lifestyle is very cool, he smokes weed everywhere he goes. After smoke up Snoop Dogg supports peace, he would be useful to make things normal after fights.

Dawood Ibrahim is known for his crimes and secret agencies are behind him. FBI found his location and brought him to the show safely. We are not sure about his role as he has not come in front of the world from last 20 years.

In the comment section let us know whom you want to win the show.

Published by Ashish Mishra on 10 Feb 2018

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