SRK Doesn’t Want The Superstar Tag Anymore, Wants To Be A Legend

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SRK Doesn’t Want The Superstar Tag Anymore, Wants To Be A Legend

Shah Rukh Khan is the ultimate box-office king and also the Badshah of Bollywood. The superstar is the self-made Bollywood actor who has gained worldwide popularity on his own terms without having any godfather in Bollywood.

Over past few years, SRK has developed a certain aura of himself where his name is just enough and rest is the history.

The actor is often referred as the superstar but now wants to do away with the ‘superstar’ tag. Yes, you heard it right! Instead, he wants to be a legend now.

Speaking at the fourth edition of Global Business Summit to speak on Bollywood’s Digital push, King Khan said, “I am 26 years old in the film industry which is half my lifetime really. From here on I am going to spend time in the world of cinema than the outside of it… I realised I should do away with the tag of being a superstar instead I should work towards tag of being a legend.”

He further added, “No megastar… as egoistic and self-centred like me will fade away into the past without trying to wedge his or her foot into the door to the future. So even I want to put myself into the future of cinema like I have been in the past 25 years.”

SRK said that he really wants to be a legend now. He said, “I really want to be a legend. Unfortunately, there are no articles or books on how to be a legend. So, I rummage through my personal library… I found a book on the history of human kind called ‘Sapiens’ and going through the book I found that the only reason homo sapiens have dominated the rest of the species is because of one thing — because we gossip.”

Well, Shah Rukh, you were the superstar, you are the superstar and you will definitely be a legend too!

Published by Harmisha Chauhan on 25 Feb 2018

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