Russian President or ex England cricket skipper? Confusion explodes on Twitter after an image turns viral

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Russian President or ex England cricket skipper? Confusion explodes on Twitter after an image turns viral

In recent times, England keeper and batsman Jos Buttler shared an image of a male walking in a towel and grinning for the media people.

While skin show is, more often than not, reason enough to create an unprecedented commotion on social media, this picture, however, went viral for more reasons than one.

Whilst Jos had shared the image asking his buffs if they recognized the ex England skipper, on the other end of the query it was almost like a caricature of the blue-black costume or white-gold dress discussion happening.

The image was, as a lot of people acceptably recognized, that of Nasser Hussain — the ex-cricket player and skipper of England cricket squad from the year 1999 to the year 2003 and whose worldwide career remained till the year 2004.

But after that one look at the picture and you would not be capable of helping, however, hesitate if this is the Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoying in a towel, whilst leaving a lot of people questioning the same.

Whilst loads of correct conjectures were intermingled with people doubting if this is Putin in its place, others sounded in with what they could link the image in the best manner — Indian lungi dance, for one.

“Still trying to one-up @SGanguly99 for the Lord’s shirt off moment!” wrote another Twitter user.

Check out other reactions here –

  • Jos Buttler – Does anyone recognise this former England captain? @WardyShorts @BumbleCricket
  • Alan Wilkins – Isn’t that Vladimir Putin?
  • PV- 😂 Nasser Hussain or Russian President 😂
  • Steve Copestake – What possible context is there for this shot? Is he sleep-bath-walking?
  • Ratan Khatik – Indian Lungi Dance 💃💃……..Buttler
  • Lee Williams – Is it Vladimir Putin, no wait he never played cricket…
  • Sachin Khare – Lungi dance great
  • Jenkins Sahayam – It’s Nasser Putin
  • Hemanth virat – Vladamir Putin or Nasser Hussain I’m confused @josbuttler 😂😂😂😂
  • Dr ☢ Deth – Still trying to one up @SGanguly99 for the Lord’s shirt off moment!
  • Prem – Am i the only who wrongly identified him as Vladimir Putin😅
Published by Mamatha on 27 Feb 2018

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