‘Padmaavat’ Is Released But Karni Sena Won’t Stop Protesting Against It

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‘Padmaavat’ Is Released But Karni Sena Won’t Stop Protesting Against It

As per the latest reports, Karni Sena chief Mr. Lokendra Singh Kalvi has clarified that the objection against the most controversial movie ‘Padmaavat’ will carry on for longer. Earlier, Mumbai division of Gogamedi’s group also made a declaration in the letter that there is nothing wrong with the movie that’s why they are withdrawing the major protest.

However, Gogamedi group told that no such direction was issued by the group, and the group added up that whose names appeared on the letter, will get dismissal letters soon.

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Mr. Sukhdev Gogamedi, national president of Shree Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena, told reporters, “Whoever saw the film yesterday (Friday), did so on the personal basis and the person who wrote the letter (ending the protest) has been expelled.”

He also told that there are a lot of such groups carrying the similar name but his Sena is the ‘REAL RAJPUT KARNI SENA’ operating in India and warded to recognize the value of real and fake organizations.

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“There are many fake Karni Senas emerging in India. At present, there are eight such entities operating in the country with vested interests,” Kalvi stated.

Kalvi said that his group surely has the issue with film as the movie depicts wrong history and clashes with the Rajput community faith. As a result, protest is the never-ending formula and they will continue it further.

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Those who went to Delhi to watch the film, Gogamedi group said they will respond when the sting footage comes out, and react in view of that.

Kalvi said that they want the government to understand through political loss how it has hurt the sentiments of people here.

On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party’s loss in the Rajasthan by polls made many other Rajput organizations to join hands and they will make sure to clean sweep the BJP from every seat in upcoming elections.

Kalvi also clarified that he will not oppose nor do protest in opposition to the special screening that will take place in Jodhpur by the coming week, where high court judges will watch the movie concerning the case against ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali film ‘Padmaavat’.

In his declaration, Kalvi added, “We started the initial protests against the release of the film, which we still continue to do. However, the other duplicate Karni Senas are creating a dubious situation by releasing contradictory and fake news.”

Published by Mamatha on 04 Feb 2018

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