Now Watch Movies On Multiplex Screen For Just Rs.19 At Opera Cinemas With Popcorn

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Now Watch Movies On Multiplex Screen For Just Rs.19 At Opera Cinemas With Popcorn

People in cities have always complained about high ticket prices at multiplexes. Due to the high ticket price, various quality movies don’t get chance to reach the majority of the audience. In various areas of the country, people are not able t reach to cinemas due to high price due to which the piracy has increased. Opera Cinemas have come up with innovative ideas to tackle this problem and provide entertainment for a price as low as Rs.19 which is even less than pirated CDs.

In a recent interview with Laughing Colours, Mr. KP Singh shared his journey and ideas behind his venture of Opera Cinema.

The Idea To Provide Quality Cinema For Affordable Price

On being asked about how he got the idea about Opera Cinema, he said during his frequent visit to Mumbai, he observed that the multiplex industry has become a source of money making with high ticket prices. Many good quality films like Dhanak, Masaan, Newton, etc did not reach the number of middle-class audiences it deserved as Indian audience would not spend an unnecessarily huge amount of money on the ticket price of multiplex unless the film does not have their favorite superstar.

Capital Management Idea Of Opera Cinema

On being asked how would he manage expenses of cinema with a ticket price of as low as Rs. 19, he said that their main focus will be on the advertisement sector for gaining capital. He observed that majority of people are either in washroom area or food court to buy some snacks when advertisements are played in the hall during the interval, due to which even advertisement industry faced loss as people actually did not see an advertisement of their product. Mr.KP Singh along with Shivendra Pratap Singh and team decided to bring a solution to this problem.

The team developed their own technology and got it patented. The technology connects advertisers and actual viewers pin-to-pin so that both the viewer and advertiser are benefited. After some successful tests, it was concluded that it is possible to show advertisements and movies for as low as Rs.20 per person. This technology would help them to deliver a quality cinematic experience in those areas where people are dependent on pirated CDs due to high ticket prices of the multiplex. By showing movies for low prices, the pirated CD market will face loss which will be good for the cinema, distributors, and country. By this, new directors and actors will get chance to talent to more number of audience.

How Opera Cinema Differs From General Cinema

On being asked how their cinema will differ from current multiplex cinemas, he said as of now their main focus is placed with less number of people where there are no tools of entertainment and lower as well as middle-class people. Cinemas with 200-300 seats are planned for places having a population in the range of 50 thousand to 1 lakh and 2 to 3 new movies can be released every week so that people get a variety of movies for entertainment every week.

Facing The Challenges 

On being asked how will he face the challenges and competition in the industry, he said that he is not competing with anyone, he is ready to partner his technology with other cinema so that even they can show movies with such low price. With such a wide range of multiplex in India, it is not possible to do this business alone, so he said even his competitors can use his technology so that more people can get quality cinema.

On being asked about future aspects of Opera Cinemas, he said that he has already partnered with various cinema owners who are ready to join him and he is planning to establish approximately 500 such cinema across India.

Special Gesture For Children And Defence Force

Mr. KP Singh also said that their cinema will arrange special shows for children from morning 8 to 10 where some inspirational movies will be shown and special price for children will be as low as Rs. 5. As a tribute to the defense forces, Opera Cinemas have decided to show the movie with a ticket price as low as Rs. 2 if valid ID card is shown at the cinema. With this, the exclusive interview was concluded.

Through Opera Cinemas, it will be possible for people to enjoy the quality cinematic experience at very low ticket price. the idea of showing children inspirational movies in morning shows and special discount for defense officers is indeed praiseworthy. We thank Mr. KP Singh for sharing his valuable ideas with us.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 13 Feb 2018

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