Leaked Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note8 Android Oreo build brings February Security Patches

New leaked versions of Samsung’s Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Note8 have been posted online. These builds are not beta builds, but release candidate builds although they may not be officially pushed. This version of Oreo contains this month’s February security patch. We cannot say what has been patched in this month’s security update as neither Samsung nor Google have posted their security update bulletins for February yet.

Regardless, you might want to get on these security updates as soon as you can. It feels like every month a new major vulnerability is uncovered. BlueBorne, KRACK, and Spectre/Meltdown have all been unveiled in the past 5 months, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the February patch fixes some critical vulnerability that hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Fortunately, these builds are able to be installed from the stock Samsung recovery, and they are 100% safe to install. You can install it by first flashing version BQL1 with the latest Odin tool on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and flashing version BRA8 on the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Download software version BQL1 for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Download software version BQL1 for the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Download software version BRA8 for the Samsung Galaxy Note8

To do this, you download the files from the links below and place them in their respective categories in Odin based on the file names, and then boot into recovery and apply the update over ADB or from your SD Card. This will erase the data on your phone so if you update, make sure to back up first. You can use either Samsung Cloud on your phone or Samsung Smart Switch on your computer. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, download and put the file, linked below, onto your SD Card.
  2. On your computer download the Odin files linked above. In the zip you will see six files. In Odin, you will see 5 categories, though you will only use 3.
  3. Put your phone into Odin mode by turning it off then holding Power + Volume Down + Bixby button.
  4. In Odin, put the corresponding BL, AP, CP, CSC (ignore HOME_CSC), but nothing in UMS.
  5. Hit start.
  6. Your phone will flash the new firmware and then reboot to the setup screen.
  7. After you do this, shut off your phone then reboot into recovery by holding Power + Volume Up + Bixby.
  8. Use the volume buttons and power to select “apply update from SD card.”
  9. Use the volume buttons again to select the file and the power button to select it. The update will then start.
  10. It can take from 2 to 10 minutes to install the update. After this just set up your phone like normal.

Download Android Oreo OTA with February Patches for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Download Android Oreo OTA with February Patches for the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Download Android Oreo OTA with February Patches for the Samsung Galaxy Note8

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