Big B Just Put On The ‘Baap’ Of All Shoes With White Kurta Pyjama Combo

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Big B Just Put On The ‘Baap’ Of All Shoes With White Kurta Pyjama Combo

If you ideated you are too cool to take style suggestion from a 75-year-old, you’re wrong. Well, mostly, because this particular 75-year-old happens to be a celebrity. As if we were already not captivated enough by Amitabh Bachchan, he just plowed ahead and racked up one more style boundary by educating us on the ability of how to put on an outrageously vivacious pair of shoes with a normal, modest white kurta-pyjama without giving two howls.

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The shoes under consideration include ‘maroon velvet moccasins’. And not just a pair of plain shoes either, one with detailed needlework. One needs guts to pull them off on their own, let alone matched with a white kurta-pyjama where they are assured to catch the attention of all present in the room. But when you are as alluring as Amitabh bachchan, these are but negligible concerns.

Mostly people match up kurta pyjama with ‘sandals’ or ‘jootis’ and especially if you are putting on an achkan on top.

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But it’s just the time to overlook all those things as we all were just laboring under mistaken beliefs, obviously. Moccasins are the latest applicants in the footwear group when it is the time to hone the ‘Indian Dandy’ appearance, courtesy Big B.

While talking about the remaining of his appearance, we can’t assist but become aware of the natural appeal of the cute yellow Nehru jacket.

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Nehru jackets anyhow serve the purpose of pepping up plain ol’ white cotton kurta pyjamas, however this one here acts way more. The inhibited base of canary yellow together with the blue-white broad checkers and the gallant lemon yellow shade buttons offers it a very stylish yet lighthearted vibe.

Energizing that the blue flower patterned pocket square and the dress gets thumbs up.

Amitabh is all about his signature royal elegance when it comes to accessories. The brown pelt wristwatch together with the diamond as well as emerald rings (a staple in his daily clothing) brings sheer stylishness and dignity.

Published by Mamatha on 03 Feb 2018

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